Japanese Brides

Japan for Americans sometimes may seem like a whole new world. Unique technologies, unusual shows, extraordinary culture, and surely magic women who bring attention by their appearance and character. For those who look forward to finding a wife that will not only manage your household but also your life, this article will be useful. Let’s find out everything you need to know about Japanese brides!

Main Characteristics of Japanese Women

hot Japanese Girl Not just a wife
In the last 10 years, Japanese women dream bigger more and rarely feel happy in the mother-wife role only. They are eager to be successful and earn money for their job not worse than men do. Though you shouldn’t think that your Japanese gf will be 100% career-oriented. No! But you should take into consideration that you’ll date with a smart and modern woman!
Nice and humble
They do not like to talk a lot about sex and will keep delicate “girlish” topics to themselves. They will always be courteous and polite. Japanese woman will never allow herself to comment on a husband in public or front of his parents. They don’t like to shout and have a very calm nature. They look after themselves and always look good. And it’s not only about cosmetics and clothes but about etiquette, demeanor. Regardless of age, a Japanese woman will take care of her appearance.

Nuclear family

And yet, for the overwhelming majority of Japanese women, the main thing is still motherhood. After the birth of children, milestones in the life cycle for a Japanese woman are most often determined by the phases of life of her children (preschool, school years, university entrance, etc.), and many of them say that raising children is all that they need to make their life meaningful. Well, a healthy and happy husband also included in the program of “happy family life”. Girls are focused on traditional relationships, but at the same time, they consider it normal that a person devotes a lot of time to hobbies and interests, and doesn’t spend all the time with a soul mate. Report on your plans is optional. Japanese girls are adequately jealous: like other beauties on Instagram as much as you want.

Simple Rules of Dating Japanese Girls

Every girl in the world is an exceptional personality who likes to be treated in her way. That means that some habits, preferences, tastes, and rules will be different for every single personality. However, no one can cancel the national peculiarities which surely assume some general rules of talking and dating with Japanese brides.

  1. Traditions and culture
    Japan keeps way more traditional lifestyle than any other country in the world.  japanese datingThat’s why for all native people this is so important. Women of Japan form the smallest age are taught to follow traditions. So, even if you won’t follow them you need to stay respectful. They like it very much when you ask about their customs. More than that your Japan gf will be happy if you’d like to talk about her country’s history and development, compare cultures and traditions. Though you may like Japanese conventions or not you must keep a respectful attitude. Do not judge a person because of his/her origin. That’s one of those universal rules you can apply to any foreign bride.
  2. Family
    For every person in the whole world, the family is something secret. Even if a Japanese mail order bride tells you while mailing something unpleasant about her family or argues on the relationships with one of the members (or all of them) you still need to respect those people. Remember that she can tell some bad things about her family you can’t under any circumstances. First of all, it’s still her family and it would painful for her to hear that. Secondly, it will show you on the wrong side. This behavior will indicate that you are ready to offend people behind their backs, even without knowing them personally. Let not immediately, but later it will affect the decision of your future Japanese bride. Plus, you need to stay positive about the family of your Japanese woman if you didn’t like them after a personal meeting. This is a simple courtesy rule that is not culturally specific either.
  3. Signs of attention
    Gentlemen don’t exist only in England. Japan is the land of fine manners and gallant men too. Don’t think that Japanese women will be pleased only because of your existence. You need to do something to win her heart. But you need to start with small displays of attention. A small bouquet, a cute souvenir, and so on. You don’t need $10 million diamonds to win her heart. Be polite and always pay for girls. In Japan, this is very much appreciated. Don’t offer to split the bill on the first and further dates even if the girl will offer that.

Pros and Cons of Japanese Mail Order Bride


  • The beauty of these women is legendary.
  • Japanese mail order brides are extremely humble and shy.
  • They respect their family and husband.
  • They want kinds.
  • Japanese women don’t demand an expensive gift.
  • These women would like to marry a foreigner.


  • Cultural differences may lead to quarrels.
  • Too shy temper could be not useful in a bed.
  • Normally, Japanese women want a maximum of one child. This could be a big disadvantage for those who are family-oriented.
  • They may be bossy concerning household issues.

Why do Japanese Ladies Strive to Get a Husband from Abroad?

Japanese ladies like to explore different cultures, lifestyles, habits, and traditions. They truly romanticize American’s man figure and way of life as well as European. This fact makes them want to date foreigners. Plus some of them want to get away from their too conservative lives and add some drive into their routines. Plus, ask any Japanese girls, they think that Americans are much more sexy and generous, comparing to their fellow citizens.

Cultural Differences


Americans in their majority are trying to find a balance between work and personal life. Japanese men believe that their job is the center of the universe. Japanese aren’t likely to joke about their job, too. So, explain to your Japanese wife that your desire to stay with your family isn’t laziness.


Japanese mail order brides don’t like to write dozens of letters. In Japan, personal conversation is much valuable. That’s why don’t delay the first date.

Cooperative decisions

Japanese women appreciate the desire to decide every important issue together. Dictators aren’t valued. However sometimes in the USA men still try to make decisions alone.


American marriages in their majority are built by two separate individuals who have their goals. In the same way, they develop their relationship inside their marriage. In Japan family means unity every curtail decision will be made together and each of you will represent the family, not yourself.

Unruffled life

Japanese people are known for their internal harmony and calm behavior. There is no place to rush in their house. For Americans, such a lifestyle seems too slow (especially for city dwellers). So you need to adjust to a slower speed. However, that won’t affect your productivity. On the contrary, it’ll better your emotional state.

Family budget

In many Japanese families, girls used to a mom who receives a salary from dad’s job instead of dad. That’s extremely common when men don’t know how much they earn family budget is ruled by their wives. Absolutely impossible situation for the USA, right? So, get ready to be at least honest with your wife about your income.

As you can see there is a lot of difference between American and Japanese lifestyle, but love could overcome any gaps.

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Earlier in Japan, marriages were concluded exclusively for reasons of mutual benefit. A man chose a humble mistress and a woman strong defender. Now it’s love that matters, but Japan’s marriage is still unique. And since you’ve found out that it is very important to know the culture of your future Japanese wife’s country, let’s explore all distinctive features of Japanese wedding traditions.


Preparation for the wedding takes at least 6 months, so it is normal to send invitations at least 2-3 months before the wedding. wife from japanThe future spouses traditionally exchange scrolls with lists of their relatives. If the newlyweds know everyone by name, they can make a good impression on the families of each other. In Japan, it is customary to give gifts before the wedding. Groom’s family gives the bride a gold or platinum diamond ring. If the groom’s income is not high, the ring would be with a stone suitable for the bride according to her zodiac sign. It is also customary for the bride to give money for the wedding. The bride, in turn, gives her groom a much cheaper ring. Japanese weddings are pretty expensive.

Wedding ceremony

Nowadays Japanese bride wears a white kimono before the temple, then changes it to colored outfit, and then appears in front of guests and grooms in a European style wedding dress. The bride enters the temple first and leaves a little behind her husband. This is the symbol of obedience which is peculiar to a Japanese wife. During the ceremony, newlyweds drink sake from cups specially prepared for the occasion three times, then they swear allegiance, and receive the priest’s blessing. The traditional ceremony is attended by the closest relatives, followed by a party for friends, and colleagues.


Since the cost of a wedding is extremely high, the best wedding present here is a check or cash in an envelope. The amount ranges from $ 200 to $ 300. Relatives give up to $10 000. The names of the guests and the amount of the gift are recorded in a special book. If the guest could not come, then he sends a cash gift by mail or through a bank. During the banquet, guests receive small souvenirs, most often small bouquets or sweets.


How to find a Japanese mail order bride?

To find a Japanese wife you need to register on a reliable online dating website with a big amount of Japanese users. To choose the best one checkup reviews and its rating. Plus don’t use those resources that offer you no functions for free. That’s the first sign of a scam.

What do Japanese brides wear?

Forget about traditional costumes. Today Japanese girls like to wear modern and sexy outfits. Short skirts and tops, beautiful dresses, etc – everything to make you excited. Though they aren’t lewd at all! They have great taste and always look after their skin and hair.

How to marry a Japanese woman in US?

The easiest way is to use online dating niche resources specialized in Asian beauties. Enter your location and an auto-match will do everything for you.

Why should you date a Japanese girl?

For men who are looking for harmony and peace inside their family, like children and appreciate unique Japanese lifestyle and beauty that’s the best variant.

At what age do Japanese girls get married?

Japanese girls are allowed to marry in 20 years old. However, you could marry your Japanese gf if she is already 18 and her parents gave permission.

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