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In recent years, there has been a trend of mixed marriages between Asian women from China and men from the United States and European countries. Today such relationships are considered as something usual, but not so long-ago girls from Chinese families were forbidden even to talk with foreigners. Men of other ethnicity had not opportunity to find a Chinese wife because of culture and traditions of the Celestial Empire’s people. So, let talk about advantages and disadvantages of relationships with Chinese girl.

Main Characteristics of Chinese Women

ChenChinese girls as well as girls from other countries, are very fond of attention from the opposite sex. However, unlike their rivals, they are very purposeful, they value man’s ability to earn money, and after the wedding they sometimes strive to take the main position in the family. The more you spend time with your chosen, the more self-confidence she will feel. Chinese women open up in relationships only over time. The girl begins to feel more comfortable and relaxed, she begins to show signs of attention in society.
But her love of freedom and domination strictly intersects with devotion to her partner — Chinese woman getting married remember that this marriage is forever for her. This statement is confirmed by the hieroglyph “爱 (ài)”, which means “to love”. Here are just “love” in the understanding of the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire means to care, to worry about each other and to live with him or her all life.

These characteristics are conditional, and each girl is unique, so don’t take this too seriously.

Simple Rules of Dating Chinese Woman

Today the male population in China significantly outnumbers the female population. Statistics show that there are 30 million more men in China than women. That is why pretty Chinese women have the opportunity to selectively choose a life partner.

Traditionally, a girl has a special place in Chinese culture. First of all, she is treated like a mother who will give her husband heirs. At the same time, the culture of “hook up” is very developed in China, in which a man caring for a girl assumes all the costs of her maintenance. Therefore, you should be prepared that romantic dinners, trips to beauty salons and other “wishes” of the girl should be paid by man.

For Chinese wives, there are no intimate prohibitions. They easily agree to sex before marriage, because this is the key to good health and good mood.

Pros and Cons of Chinese Mail Order Bride

MeiliChinese women always start relationships with only one goal — to get married. For the overwhelming majority, the family, and subsequently children, is the main meaning of their life. These are very caring mothers who treat their children with trepidation and incredible love. In China, there is an informal “trinity” formula that defines the qualities of the ideal bride. This formula is written in the following characters 白 富 美 (Bai-fu-mei), which mean: white-skinned, rich and beautiful. This is different from modern American values, so this is one of the reason Chinese mail order brides want to marry an American.
Thus, a flawless bride must be young, healthy, attractive (good-looking) and come from a respectable family. With regard to education, in Chinese culture a girl should be one “degree” lower than her chosen one. However, modern life changes the rules.

This is about the advantages of Chinese girls, but what about the disadvantages? Everything is pretty prosaic here! Choosing a Chinese woman as a wife, you need to be prepared for the following inconveniences:

    1. The spouse’s relatives often come to visit, and with an overnight stay (if you are going to live in China).
    2. Furniture and other items that are easily getting covered with dust can be wrapped in plastic. And it’s not a joke. TV set, dishes, piano keyboard, remotes – everything that can get dirty is carefully wrapped in plastic.
    3. Chinese girls rarely use household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines in order to extend their lifespan as long as possible.
    4. Americans prefer to equip a house with maximum comfort for living, Chinese women use things and interior items as decoration.
    5. You will have to eat everything… Chinese women can cook a delicious and aromatic dish from literally everything that is in the refrigerator and grows in the garden.
    6. Arguing with a wife from China is useless, because they have an amazing memory. It is enough to reproach the wife for a trifle, she will certainly remember all the misdeed of her husband, committed 5-10 years ago.

Why do Chinese Ladies Strive to Get a Husband from Abroad

Today, most Chinese families no longer adhere to “medieval” stereotypes. LingNow Chinese girls are actively getting to know each other and marry foreigners. But this situation raises a completely logical question. Why do girls make their choice in favor of foreigners and, including Americans? There are the following reasons for this:

  • Some girls go to work right after graduation to become financially independent. However, time passes from the moment of getting a job and accumulating funds until the moment of family formation. As a result, they are considered “old” for family relationships in their native country. On the other hand, Americans prefer educated girls, regardless of age.
  • Many Chinese wives strive to achieve respectful disposition from a man, so that the chosen one perceives her as an equal partner. A man should encourage her career growth and chosen lifestyle.

Cultural Differences

Chinese men are constantly under tremendous pressure, as their numbers greatly outnumber the female population. In this regard, they strive to improve and earn as much money as possible in order to become a worthy spouse. They consider it their main responsibility to maintain the family at the proper level. This is why Chinese youth aged 19 to 20 have noticed a growing threat from the West.

In addition, a girl often cannot get married until her groom is approved by her parents. Marriages in Chinese families are organized by parents according to agreement with future relatives. That is why it is not so easy for ladies to find a husband  she would love.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese brideIn China marriages are contracted in accordance with the provisions of the “Marriage Law” that entered into force in 1981. The law defines relations between family members: equality of women and men, monogamy (divorce is condemned) and free marriage. According to the provisions of the law, the age of marriage is 22 years for a man and  20 years for a woman. However, in order to marry a loved one, a girl needs to demonstrate respect for her parents; she and her chosen one must come to visit them and receive a permission for marriage.
In the process of preparing for the wedding, the parents must prepare a dowry for the Chinese bride. Future spouses should also choose a “successful” day for the celebration, which will symbolize goodness and carry positive energy. Usually the date of the wedding is chosen according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It is not surprising that couples have been waiting for the cherished day for several years.

Mourning the loss of relatives is another unusual Chinese wedding tradition. Before marriage, a girl must mourn the loss of all her relatives and loved ones. She always have a certain time to say goodbye.

A photo shooting is a must-have event at a Chinese wedding (not only Chinese, but Chinese men and women are in love with photography). The tradition of creating wedding family albums began in 1990. Unlike usual wedding photographs, there are no photos of the wedding ceremony and the wedding itself in the album of the Chinese family. At the wedding, guests are invited to look at the photos.

Chinese singles also take marriage vows, which they take at the time of the wedding ceremony. At the same time, a couple of newlyweds kneel three times, pronouncing an oath to the earth, heaven, parents, family tablet and each other.

The tradition of giving the “tea gift” is one of the most important in the Chinese wedding ceremony. On the day of the wedding, the groom brings various gifts to the bride’s house, which are wrapped in red cloth. The gifts are usually gold coins, earrings and four bracelets. According to legends, such a gift symbolizes marital fidelity and fertility. Further, the groom “redeems” the bride from the parents: the young man kneels in front of them and gives them a cup of tea. If the parents drink all the tea, this indicates their consent to the marriage.


Answers to popular questions:

How to find a Chinese mail order bride?

You just need to search Chinese mail order bride on the Internet to find a good website. Next, you need to follow the proposed links and choose a hot Chinese girl for chatting.

What do Chinese brides wear?

The wedding ceremony in China named red, because the bride wears a red dress and all gifts are wrapped in paper or cloth, also red. This color was not chosen by chance, as it symbolizes joy, prosperity, love and loyalty.

How to marry a Chinese woman in US?

To marry a Chinese woman in the United States, today it is enough to make a marriage proposal to the girl. There are not any laws prohibiting Americans to marry girls from other countries. By the way, it is not necessary to observe all Chinese wedding traditions in the modern world.

Why should you date a Chinese girl?

They are educated, financially independent girls who strive to climb the career ladder as high as possible. At the same time, they are simultaneously shy, modest and focused exclusively on the creation and preservation of family values.

At what age do Chinese girls get married?

The average age for a Chinese woman to marry, according to tradition, is 20-25 years. However, 25 is not the limit. Therefore, the bride before marriage with an American may be over 25 and over 30 years old.

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