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Israel is a beautiful and highly developed country situated in Western Asia and washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The country is known nowadays as the land of startups, but also it has q great history and some magnificent views. However, this article is not about tourist attractions you can find in Israel. Let’s put it this way: the article will relate about one of the major attractions a man can find in this country – Israeli girls. Have you ever thought about going abroad to find love? Israel is a perfect place for it, be sure!

Main Characteristics of Israeli Women

There are beautiful women all around the world. So what is so special about Israeli brides and why they are so much appreciated by the Western men? Let’s try to figure it out in the next few paragraphs.

First of all, it is important to discuss some personality traits of women from Israel and their appearance.

jewish Israeli Girl

  • They are humble. Humbleness of women is within the local culture where the man is in the centre of the family. Israeli wives are shy and recognize their husbands as the major decision-makers, but it does not mean that their opinion can be neglected – girls have numerous techniques to influence men, haven’t they?
  • They are supportive. Israeli mail order brides support their husbands in good and bad times. This principle of loyalty and support is deeply rooted in their mentality and is inherited from the religious and cultural background.
  • Beauty and elegance. Israeli women have unique, natural, astonishing beauty that drives men crazy. In addition, they are elegant and know how to behave like a princess.
  • They have beautiful bodies. While walking around Tel-Aviv, the country’s capital, you can meet dozens of hot Israeli females that will make your heart beat faster. The Oriental beauty has always urged Western men to undertake dangerous journeys – the time has passed, but nothing has changed.

Additionally, Israeli ladies are very smart. People in Israel have high IQ scores thanks to the great educational system. The majority of them have a university degree, they work in different sectors like engineering, medicine, robotics, IT, etc. By the way, the wages in the country are pretty high so be sure that your Israeli date is not after your money – she is perfectly able to cover her needs by herself.

Simple Rules of Dating Israeli Girls

If you want to be successful in dating an Israeli woman, you need to learn some basic rules that might come in handy anytime.
Israeli mail order bride

  1. It will be a long ride. If you are looking for easy and ready-for-everything women, Israel is not the right place. Israel hotties are interested in serious relationships only. Moreover, it takes some time until your girlfriend will start to open up for you. Women in Israel see the dating process differently than Western women. They do not accept to go out with a man just for fun – if she accepts to meet someone, it means she is interested. However, she won’t show you her affection until she is entirely sure she can rely on you.
  2. Be a man. This statement is very tricky because being a man in Israel is not the same thing as in the US or in Europe. In order to impress your Israeli soulmate, you need to have a strong character, not be afraid of taking risks and making decisions, be self-confident and even rude, to a certain extent. Sexy Israeli women are not looking for someone who would be nice and caring- they need a male with a strong will.
  3. Try to understand the local culture, learning the Jewish language is highly appreciated. If you are looking for love in Israel, please be so kind and at least make some efforts to learn the language, find out more about the history of the country and its population, try to understand the mentality of the local people. This will help you to make a good impression on the girl but also will make your stay in Israel more interesting and unforgettable.
  4. Respect her faith. The Jewish people are very religious and you ought to accept and respect it. If she invites you to a Shabbat meal, gladly accept it. Besides, it will be a great opportunity to meet her family.
  5. Flirt is not always a sign of love. If you are out in a bar somewhere in Tel-Aviv and a girl, a complete stranger, starts a conversation and flirts with you, it is too soon to claim a victory. She might just be looking for entertainment. Also, do not forget the fact that you are a foreigner and girls just like to meet people from different countries and practice the language.

Pros and Cons of Dating Israeli Mail Order Brides

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Jewish dating? Let’s clear it up for you.


  • She is independent. This statement can be applied to her finances as well as personality. An Israeli mail order bride is not looking for a rich foreigner who would solve all her financial struggles. So, while dating a girl from Israel, you won’t feel used or fooled. However, her independence means in no case she will not be an easy hookup for you. Sexy Israeli wife
  • She is sexy and good in bed. As it has been already stated, Israeli girls are shy and cold at the beginning of a relationship. However, if she starts to trust you and finally accepts to have sex with you, then you will be the happiest man in the world.
  • She is honest. If she says she loves you, then she really does – it is not common in this country to lie or fake feelings. Besides, your Israeli girlfriend can easily talk about some downsides you have or things in you that she does not like. Do not get offended – for Israeli people, it is absolutely normal and even shows the highest level of trust. However, if she persists on telling you unpleasant things, it might be a sign that you would better find another girlfriend.
  • She is strong, both physically and mentally. An interesting fact: women in Israel do obligatory military service right after finishing high school. Of course, during this period of time they are exposed to some physical exercises, military training, real-combat conditions, they learn how to handle weapons, etc. Conclusion: do not mess around with you Israeli girlfriend.
  • She is adventurous. Israeli girls are always open to new impressions. If you want to impress her, invite her on a trip around the country or ideally abroad. Moreover, travels help to better understand a person and decide whether she fits you.


  • You will need some time. A few dates are surely not enough to get her in bed. Patience and perseverance are the keys to success.
  • She knows her worth. As you already know, Israel is a rich country and its population has no problems with self-esteem. Israeli women will not be an easy hookup.
  • You will need to learn some Hebrew. People in Israel can speak English on a decent level. However, in order to survive in Israel, you need to learn at least the basics of Hebrew. It would help you to better navigate the country, understand shop signs and, of course, to communicate with your beautiful date.

Why do Israeli Ladies Strive to Get a Husband from Abroad?

Even though the country is rich and prosperous, many Israeli women tend to look for a husband abroad. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? As it turns out, they may be quite different:

  • Dating a foreigner is more interesting. Hot Israeli brides Some ladies are just bored with dating Israeli guys, they want something unusual, they are looking for adventure and a foreign guy can give it to them. Women love men who can bring something new to their lives, men they can learn from and foreigners are generally better in this.
  • Growing popularity of online dating sites. Digital technologies change the dating habits of the youth all over the world, and Israel is not an exception – a fast growth in free dating site and dating apps usage among the local population is easily perceptible. As a consequence, girls can meet new people online and the majority of them are the foreigners.
  • Israeli men lose against foreigners. Many women from Israel find local guys unattractive and boring. To the contrary, foreigners are seen as handsome, romantic, pro-active and good lovers. Of course, it is not always true – this opinion is highly influenced by cinematography, fashion, etc, but single men from the Western world can take advantage of it.

Cultural Differences


It is important not to forget that Israeli culture differs substantially from that of the US and Europe and it might have an impact on dating. First of all, the Israeli nation is very diverse when it comes to religion. You will find here Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus so you need to know at least what’s the difference between them.

In Israel, everything can be negotiated, even your phone bills. Israeli people like to speak about money so do not be surprised if your girlfriend’s father asks you about your salary, how much you pay for the rent, how expensive the life is in your native country, etc. He does it not to put you on trial but out of simple curiosity.

The only wedding gift possible is money. The Israeli people do not offer something other to the couple. They go even further – at some weddings, you can find an ATM where you can withdraw money. Everything for the comfort of the guests!

Finally, the local population takes work-life balance very seriously. They try to not work long hours like the majority of the Americans does. For the Israeli people life is not just work and money, they need some time for themselves. Bear all this information in mind if you are planning to sign up on a dating website with Israeli girls.


How does Israeli wife look like?

According to the international rating of the most beautiful women, published by Traveler’s Digest, the Israeli women are placed on the seventh place. They are thin, kind, sexy, strong mentally.

How to find reliable Israeli dating platform?

There is a number of reliable internet dating sites which enable users to find love online in Israel. Look through the internet, read some reviews and success stories, choose the best one for you and start swiping while looking for sexy Israeli girls!

What makes Israeli girls unique?

Dating a Jewish girl might be quite different from Christian dating. In the first place, the Israeli women have a strong character, they can take care of themselves and are not looking for rich partners. A girl from Israel is independent, self-confident and can easily be a leader in the family.

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